My Story


In my practice I am governed by the
following qualities of the heart:

H onesty
E mpathy
A utheticity
R espect
T rustworthiness

  • Born into a family of medical doctors
    in this beautiful European city.
  • Graduated with Master’s degree in English Philology with French and Latin also having taken two years of philology related to my native tongue.
  • Taught English in Europe.
  • Loved my students and drove them home after classes despite martial Law being in effect.
  • Came to this Canadian province in the 20th
    century where dinosaurs used to roam free
    to do my doctorate in comparative literature
    and semiotics.
  • As a graduate student freelanced for the
    French radio station.
  • Covered Olympic Games figure skating competition in the
    city whose hockey team was not able to beat my home
    town team for the Stanley Cup, more than once…
  • While working on my Ph.D:
    • Decided to study law
    • Taught modern drama and my native
      language at the university
    • Took eight months of Spanish as some of the
      plays had not been translated into English
  • Graduated with my Ph.D. on June 7, 1990 and
    with my LL.B. on June 10, 1990
  • Practiced primarily Family Law, Criminal Law
    and Personal Injury.
  • After fifteen years of practice I became deeply dissatisfied with the adversarial process which I viewed as ineffective, expensive and unable to solve my clients’ issues as well as failing to respond to the individuality of human experience.
  • I embarked on new paths in search of humanizing solutions to my clients’ disputes by taking courses and developing interests in the following:

– Therapeutic Jurisprudence
– Mediation
– Collaborative Law
– Elder Mediation
– Mindfulness
– Compassion
– Psychology & Lawyering

– Facial Expression of Emotion
– Listening
– Lawyers as Peacemakers & Teachers
– Improvisation
– Neuroscience of Decision Making
– Meditation
– Contemplative Studies