May I invite you to my office on Fairway Drive
Where we would always together strive
To discover solutions with my expertise
That would address your conflict needs

*Bus Routes

Southgate Shopping Centre: 40
South Campus: 43
Century Park: 40, 43


Westbrook Law &
Mediation Centre

Suite 208, 11 Fairway Drive
Edmonton, AB T6J 2W4


Monday – Thursday
9:00am – 12:00pm

(Closed on Fridays)


Phone: 780-424-1212
Fax: 780-424-4242
E-mail: ADorczak@DrAnita.Lawyer


Dr. Dorczak also sees clients by appointment in Red Deer and Calgary

Major credit cards accepted over the phone

Phone or Skype consultations available upon request

Evening and weekend appointments upon prior booking